Auto-Carton Handling

PSA’s Auto Carton Handling System allows for a cartoner machine to be continuously fed cartons; therefore freeing the operator from backbreaking labor. Built around a 6-axis ABB Robot with custom end of arm tooling, PSA’s Auto Carton Handling System can accommodate virtually any type of carton. As a turn-key integrator, we are able to take basic information about the carton, available floor space and the desired handling rate, and create a system that works seamlessly with your existing manufacturing line.

  • Dedicated application based system for production flexibility
  • Vision system allows accurate product identification
  • Custom end-effectors using a combination of vacuum and gripping for reliable pick and place
  • Custom designed and built de-stacking and support equipment




Custom End-Effector

Good robots have steady hands. We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of custom end effectors—the “hands” of a robot. From simple tooling to complex configurations, PSA’s end effectors can safely and efficiently handle any type of load.

We employ clamping, vacuum and magnetic technologies to manipulate loads in a variety of ways. And just like our other products, our end-effectors are designed with reliability and serviceability in mind. 












Production Systems Automation can design, engineer, install and start-up a robot ready to tackle the tough jobs. PSA’s robotic palletizer System is built around a multi-axis ABB Robot and uses custom end-effectors to stack virtually any product. As a turn-key integrator, we are able to take basic information about the product and the desired stacking rate, and create a palletizer that works seamlessly with your existing manufacturing line.  In addition, PSA can custom design and build the tooling required to meet your specialized application.

  • Can Handle Almost Any Product
  • Serviceable By On-Site Personnel
  • Accommodates Multiple In-Feed
  • Stacks Product on Multiple Pallets
  • Seamless Integration 
  • Turn Key Installation

Material Handling



In any operation, transferring parts are a way of life. Raw materials, tools, components and product must all be picked, sorted, moved, stacked, palletized, de-stacked and packed. When performed by humans, these tasks can be tedious, tiring, and repetitive. Our robotic materials handlers significantly reduce these risks.

Pick & Place

Robotic Pick and Place Systems work at a high speed to transport product from one location to another. As a turn-key integrator, PSA utilizes the latest vision technology and customized end effectors to effectively handle even the most challenging of products and feed rates.