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PSA offers a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of Robotic & Custom Automation, Drives, Controls and Safety Solutions, along with Standard Product offerings for the Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Medical Devices, and Light Manufacturing industries. Staffed with over 200+ years of combined experience in the Automation and Engineering Industry, PSA is your "One Stop Shop" Automation Solutions Provider!

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    PSA custom automation robot for palletizing

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    PSA controls integration panel interior

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    PSA controls integration panel

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  • PSA robot arm automated bottling

Robotic Automation Solutions

PSA Systems has the capability to program and integrate a wide variety of industrial and collaborative robots that can be customized to best fit your application requirements. Our core business is to source commercially available or custom designed components and integrate them together to provide a full turnkey robotic automation solution.

We are an experienced robotics systems integrator partnered with Kawasaki, Fanuc, ABB, and Yaskawa/Motoman.

Utilizing state of the art robot simulation tools, PSA Systems can check reach, payload and safety zone requirements in order to specify the best model robot to meet your application requirements.

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PSA also integrates the following as part of the total robotic system package:

  • Vision Systems including Cognex, Keyence and Banner
  • Material Handling & Conveyance Equipment
  • PLC, HMI and Electrical Panels
  • SCADA Systems
  • Motion and Drive Control Systems
  • Arc welding and Spot-Welding equipment and accessories
  • Press Automation Tools
  • Robot positioners and TrackMotion

PSA Sniper Cell machine for robotic automation of packaging and assembly lines
PSA Sniper Cell (3D rendering and photos from AR shoot)

PSA Stacker Cells with custom automation configurations
PSA Stacker Cells (3D renderings)
PSA Sniper Cell

PSA's Sniper Cell is designed for high-speed, vision guided pick & place, case packing, carton loading, kitting and assembling applications. It is a pre-engineered, modular solution that allows for easy integration of high speed delta, scara and/or 6 axis robots; along with a wide variety of vision sensors and conveyors options.

The PSA Sniper Cell enhances packaging and assembly lines, making them more standardized, scalable and user friendly.

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Sniper Cell Brochure (PDF)

Drives, Controls & Safety Solutions

PSA drive system integration
Drive Systems

PSA is a complete Drives Systems Integrator. We are industry leaders in providing PLC's, AC/DC Variable Speed Drives, Motion Control and HMI's.

Reliable drive systems are key to a safe and efficient operation and can allow for increased production. PSA offers Drive Programming, Tuning and Optimization services for your existing equipment. We offer both turn-key sectionalized drive systems and single or multi-drive system upgrades. PSA has many years of experience programming, servicing and upgrading drive and motion control systems for paper, material handling and packaging equipment.

PSA provides Drive Systems Solutions for the following OEM's:

Controls integration for a hot fill foam mixer
Control Systems

PSA can custom design a new controls or safety package for your equipment to allow implementation of the industry's latest PLC and safety systems and electrical controls technology. We are able to create custom operator interface HMI, control and operator panels for new or existing equipment. We can integrate PLC communication in order to provide drive, motion and safety process control. We also have engineers and technicians available to perform Total Machine Onsite Safety Validations and Safe Operator Access (SOA) evaluations.

Control Systems Experience:

PSA custom automation safety solutions
Safety Solutions

PSA provides Turnkey Integrated Safety Solutions to guarantee proper fit and function. Prior to shipment, PSA performs a complete safety integration FAT of all safety keyed interlocks, switches and other safety devices and controls; thereby reducing installation and commissioning time at your facility.

Turnkey Safety Solutions Include:

  • Extruded or welded Aluminum, Painted Steel or Stainless Guarding options available
  • Light Curtains and Safety Scanner Systems
  • OSHA Compliant and Cat 3 Architecture
  • Safety and Keyed Interlocks including:

Controls integration electrical panel
Electrical Panel Fab

PSA takes great pride in our electrical control and drive panels. Our panel fabricators are skilled technicians who have the experience to ensure the panels we build will exceed our highest standards of functionality and appearance. We have terminal marking tag printers, can provide options for panel marking and are certified to build UL 508 electrical panels. No matter what size or function, you can be assured we will deliver the highest quality panels on time at a reasonable price.

Standard Products

PSA provides Standard Product Solutions for the Food and Beverage, Paper Converting and Healthcare Markets. Such equipment as Hot Fill Liquid Test Machines, CorePlug Solutions, Dunnage Sorters and Bed Bug Ovens are just a few of the standard solutions that PSA provides.

Hot Fill Machine

Hot Fill Machines are custom built for the PET Industry to accommodate bottle and temperature specifications, with capacity to fill up to 16 bottles at a time.

Each empty bottle is placed on a “one size fits all” plate that centers the bottles under the fill heads. The door is closed, and the fill head automatically lowers to fill the bottles. When the bottles are filled, the operator presses the RAISE button and the fill heads return to the top. Indicator lights tell the operator when to cap the bottles and when to remove them and place them in the Bottle Cooler.

Standard Hot Fill Features Include:

  • Semi-Automatic operation with indictor lights for cap & quench
  • 65 - gallon water capacity 1/2" NPT fill and drain connections
  • Stainless steel & copper construction - NO iron piping.
  • 10, 12 and 14 stations standard - 16 stations or other optional
  • 48 0 VAC 3 Phase 30A Power Supply - 60A optional
  • Self-centering bottle holders with stabilizing rings - supports virtually any size or shape container (Neck supports optional)
  • Solid state heater controls - 6.5KW or 13KW heaters in each tank
  • 2° water temperature interlock
  • 185°, 193° and manual water temperature settings
  • Door interlock prevents opening it during fill cycle
  • Low water level shutoffs - Sight glasses on upper and lower tanks
  • Integral filter with (3) 20" cartridges
  • CE mark available
  • Optional Quench Cooler and Pasteurizing Tank options can be installed to complete the process.

Bed Bug Ovens
Bed Bug Oven

PSA's bed bug ovens have been purchased for use in many hospitals, health care and Veteran Affairs facilities across the United States that may be prone to bed bug infestation. The Bed Bug Oven is heated to a temperature of 130°F (54°C) to kill all bed bug life stages present. The oven plugs into a standard 220VAC outlet and can be fabricated to spec for any treatable space.

  • Self-contained insulated cabinet uses one (1) electric heating element and a gentle forced air system controlled by a digital controller that maintains temperature within 5 degrees.
  • One (1) removable heater/fan module mounted to top of unit.
  • Two digital thermometers mounted outside the oven have probe extensions that can be placed in items being treated to ensure that the proper temperature (130ºF) has been reached.
  • Construction is heavy - duty, all steel powder coated cabinet mounted on locking casters for ease of mobility.
  • The inside of the bed bug oven has two (2) removable basket shelves.
  • 1" of fiberglass insulation is provided. All seams and joints are foil taped.

Custom automation robot built for sorting PET Container Dunnage
Dunnage Sorter

The Dunnage Sorting Machine is designed and built to sort PET Container Dunnage (Frames, Slip Sheets and Pallets)

PSA CorePlug custom automation solution

Typical Repair Costs:

  • Repair cost range between $1,000
  • $2,000 per occurrence
  • Typical core plugs can be repaired up to six (6) times
  • Dangers exist from exposure to toxic fumes given off during the welding of CorePlugs fabricated with carbon fiber sleeves and ferrous / non-ferrous metals

Today's Paper and Converting Mills continue to be challenged with maintaining their fleet of outdated and damaged core plugs. The result of poor quality or damaged core plugs can be catastrophic; leading to significant operator safety issues when handling large parent rolls. Moreover, there is a potential for downstream Parent Roll processing issues resultant from utilizing damaged/fractured core plugs.

Design Features:

  • PSA's CorePlug Solution - purpose built to provide a cost - effective, safe & reliable CorePlug for handling Parent Rolls.
  • Modular design featuring an “Integral Component Bolt - On Process” for components that are typically damaged during normal use.
  • Engineered with one (1) welded components to promote “Ease of Repair” and reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Assembled using Anodized Aluminum and Delrin components
  • At just 35 lbs., the PSA's CorePlug System is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • CorePlug Systems are available to accommodate 10” & 12” Parent Roll Cores
  • Available CorePlug “Storage Cart/Caddy” with a convenient integrated tabletop work surface for maintenance task
  • Download General Brochure (PDF)
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