Marty Wolff introduces PSA’s CEO Michael McHale launching PSA’s podcast to explore the development of manufacturing in the US, Automation, Technology and associated business. PSA discusses bringing manufacturing back to the US and the changing world of automation. Includes a discussion of how automation is changing the industrial world and how robotics and AI are creating an improved environment for the world of manufacturing. PSA will be discussing drones, software, robotics and how the changing world of technology relates to business in upcoming podcasts.

CEO Mike McHale and Defense electromechanical engineer Dan Lykens discuss PSA’s drone program for the Department of Defense. PSA is currently developing drones for monitoring and surveillance purposes under a DOD contract at its Scranton/Wilkes Barre area location. PSA discusses the differences between dangerous slaughter-bot drones and how PSA is developing safe and purposeful drones for the military. Podcast includes discussions on using drones for purposes like delivery, photography, land survey and agriculture and specialized engineering skill requirements such as circuit board design, programming and aerodynamic design that are needed for PSA’s drone program.

Mike McHale introduces PSA’s Nick Rosati and Corey Hohol who lead PSA’s military and QA/QC programs to discuss how PSA is bringing non-traditional engineering roles into their defense program. PSA discusses inspection, prototyping and quality roles and utilizing engineering to improve mechanical processes that are used in both DOD and commercial industrial machining. PSA reviews the importance of quality inspections and engineering parts with reasonable tolerance limits and designs so that they can be fabricated efficiently and at a lower cost. PSA’s Mike McHale also discusses the shortage of skilled machinists and trades people and the value of skilled labor in our industry.

In this fourth episode PSA’s Michael McHale introduces entrepreneur guest Joseph Callahan CEO of The Ciright Companies. Joe is a Drexel graduate with a background in HVAC equipment distribution and created the Ciright companies after realizing the essential need for companies to be able to share and utilize real time data for various aspects of business. Ciright’s goal is to empower others to make money by sharing technology. Joe has grown Ciright into a multi -million IT company, one of Ciright’s core products are tablets that deposit real time information into databases directly integrated into the general ledger and accessible by field technicians, engineers, decision makers and company personnel. During the podcast, both PSA’s Mike McHale and Joe discuss utilizing the company’s employee assets and talents to grow the company and being able to shift company employee assets and utilize technology to allow for maximum company efficiency.

Marty Wolff and PSA’s Mike McHale discuss solving challenging and unique material handling applications with CEO Carl Vause of Soft Robotics.  Soft Robotics offers robotic gripping systems made of highly compliant material that can safely and effectively grasp items of varying size, shape and weight with the same tool. Soft Robotics specializes in handling material that previously could only be picked up with the human hand and is not suitable for traditional foam compression or vacuum suction cup end effector solutions. Carl and Mike also discuss staffing small businesses with a variety of talent and partnering with a network of resources within the automation and manufacturing industries to help adapt to ever changing customer needs and grow the business.

PSA CEO Mike McHale and host Marty Wolff welcome Chief Technology Officer of SciSwift LLC Ted Brunelle. Ted is an entrepreneur working with the department of defense to put Artificial Intelligence in place to interpret and utilize data to optimize defense initiatives. Ted discusses the future of A.I. and its purpose both in the military, for businesses and in a manufacturing environment. SciSwift artificial intelligence solutions can be used in conjunction with industrial robotics to transform a company by increasing efficiency using smart automation. Both PSA and SciSwift reveal that talent and resources are sourced locally and very often using partner companies, both businesses rely on sourcing employees from local colleges and tech programs.

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