Tim Derosett, Director of Product at Brooks Automation

PSA BizTech Podcast with Tim DeRosett

In this episode of the PSA BizTech Podcast we will be discussing the “business and technology” behind Precision Collaborative Robotic Automation Solutions!

Joining the podcast is Tim DeRosett, Director of Product at Brooks Automation, a leading provider of collaborative automation solutions. Prior to joining Brooks, Tim held various leadership roles within Product Development at companies like Yaskawa/Motoman, Aethon and Jabil.

Brooks Automation (www.brooks.com) has over 40 years of experience in the semiconductor industry; specializing in precision collaborative robotics, integrated automation systems, and contamination control solutions.

In this episode you’ll learn more about Tim and Brooks Automation; and how their products and value-added solutions have evolved over the years.

Today, Brooks’ PreciseFlex collaborative robots (brooks.com/industrial-automation/collaborative-robots/) are the most energy efficient collaborative robots in the world; consuming electricity equivalent to a 100 watt light bulb!

Paired with their newly released, fully integrated IntelliGuide Vision solutions (brooks.com/industrial-automation/collaborative-robots/intelliguide-vision), that embed vision into their wide range of grippers to fulfill their mission…”to automate the mundane and free employees for more meaningful work.”

Follow Tim DeRosett’s LinkedIn page at linkedin.com/in/timderosett/. And be sure to follow Brooks Automation at linkedin.com/company/brooks-automation/, and check out their website at brooks.com/.

Listen to the episode below!