PSA provides both standard and custom Industrial Machinery for the food and beverage, packaging and manufacturing industries. Such equipment as bottling systems, hot fill liquid machines, dunnage sorters and bindery equipment are just a few of the standard solutions that PSA provides. All of our equipment can be checked out at PSA with the customer’s product allowing the customer to see the machine handle their product prior to installation. PSA engineering staff is also available to assist with installation, startup and integration services for implementation of industrial equipment.

PSA also has experience in upgrading existing equipment with PLC, drives, mechanical and wiring improvements. PSA can completely rebuild existing industrial machinery to replace wear parts, upgrade control systems and provide finishing and checkout services at our facility.

Standard and Large Capacity Temperature Controlled Disinfecting Unit

Production Systems Automation (PSA) is pleased to announce the launch of an updated product offering to aid in the disinfection of PPE & “Soft Goods” in the Healthcare and Hospitality Industry; which could extend the usable life of critical PPE. PSA’s Temperature Controlled Disinfection Units are built from our standard Industrial Bed Bug Oven design and according to documentation from the WHO & Stanford University, can be used to disinfect “soft goods” to sanitize/eliminate Coronavirus. Click on either Large Capacity Temperature Controlled Disinfecting Unit or Standard Capacity Temperature Controlled Disinfecting Unit for additional information about our standard product offerings.

PSA Hot Fill Machine

Hot Fill Machine

PSA has equipped bottling plants with our hot water bottle fills machines for the PET industry.  Hot Fill machines are custom built to your bottling and temperature specifications and can handle filling up to 16 bottles at a time. Empty bottles are placed on “One size fits all” plates that center the bottles under the fill heads. The door is closed and the fill head automatically lowers to fill the bottles. When the bottles are filled, the operator presses the Raise button and the fill heads return to the top. Indicator lights tell the operator when to cap the bottles and when to remove them and place them in the Bottle Cooler. Optional Quench Cooler and Pasteurizing Tank options can be installed to complete the process.

Bed Bug Oven

PSA’s bed bug ovens have been purchased for use in many hospitals and care facilities across the United States including hotels, hospitals, schools and other institutions that may be prone to bed bug infestation. The Bed Bug Oven is capable of reaching temperatures of 130°F (54°C) to kill all bed bug life stages present. The oven plugs into a standard 220VAC outlet and can be fabricated to spec for any treatable space. PSA offers an optional upgrade for clients with existing Bed Bug Ovens to add a new Variable Temperature Controller, additional details about this upgrade offering can be found on the Variable Temperature Controller Upgrade Data Sheet.

  • Self-contained insulated cabinet uses one (1) electric heating element and a gentle forced air
    system controlled by a digital controller that maintains temperature within 5 degrees.
  • One (1) removable heater/fan module mounted to top of unit. .
  • Two digital thermometers mounted outside the oven have probe extensions that can be placed in items being treated to ensure that the proper temperature (130ºF) has been reached.
  • Construction is heavy-duty, all steel powder coated cabinet mounted on locking casters for mobility
  • The inside of the bed bug oven has two (2) removable basket shelves.
  • 1” of fiberglass insulation is provided.  All seams and joints are foil taped.


PSA Bedbug Oven
PSA Hardware Sorter

Hardware Sorting & Handling

PSA designed and built an automatic clip staking machine to run up to 100 pieces per minute which included a heavy duty frame and table, electronically controlled linear actuator and punch and die set for automatic clip feeding system. The system included an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC with HMI operator’s display, discharge conveyor belt for finished boxes of hardware and inkjet printer for box label identification.

PSA’s threading system machine presents hardware to a tapping station in correct orientation from a bowl feeder and is capable of threading up to 30 pieces per minute. PSA’s threading system handles thread sizes 3/8” and ½” and includes a parts accumulator, carousel and custom tapping station. The controls system includes a PLC, display, machine control PB’s and Estop and interfaces with the bowl feeder controls with feedback to the PLC.

Dunnage Sorter

This robotic sorting machine was designed and manufactured from an idea generated by a local PET container manufacturer. The end result was achieved through the combined efforts of our engineering staff working closely with the plant engineering and maintenance departments. PSA developed a concept to sort dunnage using estimated cycle times and created a machine that was both robust and maintenance friendly.

Once fabrication was complete, we ran a multitude of product through the machine to make sure it performed flawlessly. Following installation, we trained operators and refined the design even further to sort various types of dunnage. The machine worked so well we received an order for 13 additional machines later that year.

PSA Dunnage Sorter
PSA Binding Machine

Bindery Equipment

PSA offers book stacker equipment to accurately and quickly stack perfect bound books. PSA’s Tail Trimmer is an enhanced version of the original machine still in use in many binderies that cuts overhanging stock from the edge of signatures (pages of books). This machine is primarily used in soft cover book production and is a manually operated machine that uses a single knife blade for trimming.  PSA also manufactures a Board Strip Cutter machine to produce the end strips for the backs of hard cover books.

Sandwich Crimping

PSA offers both continuous and indexing sandwich crimper machines for the food industry. PSA’s stainless steel continuous crimping machine slices bread lengthwise and places it on the tray, then fillings are placed on one half of the bread slice and it is folded over and the crust trimmed off automatically. The finished product is removed at the end and the crust rolls around to a container underneath. The indexing machine handles four trays of pre-sliced bread with fillings already in place and crimps, cuts and strips the crust off of all four trays at one time.

PSA Sandwich Crimping Machine
PSA Counter Bore Machine

Drill, Punch and Saw Equipment

PSA’s counter bore machine drills counter bored holes in artillery rounds and was designed for a local munitions manufacturer. These rounds are “test fire” rounds – M769 FRPC. The hole our machine puts in allows the smoke to escape. After drilling, the insides/outsides are automatically de-burred. After all operations are completed, a small stripe is painted on the top of the round by another machine we built. PSA also provides single and dual head drilling machines to clamp artillery rounds from the inside and drill a small pilot hole or two into the round.

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