About SMT Tooling

More than twenty years ago, our founder Charles Moncavage introduced the first automatic SMT tooling solution in the industry and since then has advanced the technology multiple times with Grid-lok Tooling, and more recently Quik-tool, each time raising the bar based upon feedback from the global customer base.

Here we are again, new and improved with tighter pin support density in a diamond pattern, eliminating soft spots and providing unparalleled support compared with any other system on the planet. All finally at a much more affordable cost!

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SMT Tooling

  • SMT Tooling Matrix kit

    Why Matrix?

  • SMT Tooling Marksman screen robotic automation printer

    Marksman Screen Printer

Matrix SMT Tooling kit
Kit Components
  • Support Modules (12", 15", or 18")
  • Electro-Pneumatic Controller
  • Connection Manifold
  • Accessory Kit (hoses, fittings, etc.)

Matrix SMT Tooling Automatic PCB Support

Why Matrix?
  • Installs on the Screenprinter and Chip Shooters in minutes
  • Sets up any PCB automatically
  • Provides more PCB support than any other method available
  • Lowest cost in the industry

Got Defects?

  • More than 50% of all PCB assembly defects are related to the solder paste printing process
  • Most solder paste printing defects are related to inadequate PCB support


  • ESD Safe
  • More support per PCB area than any other system
  • Softest setup force
  • Best pin locking force
  • Three standard lengths available. Inquire about custom sizes.
  • 304 Stainless Steel support pins
  • No O-ring seals to dry out or leak
  • Easy and clean maintenance

Learn More

Matrix Automatic SMT Support Tooling Data Sheet (PDF)
SMT Tool Diamond Support Pattern (PDF)
Installation Guide

  • Marksman Screen Printer SMT Tooling robotic automation system front view
  • Marksman Screen Printer SMT Tooling robotic automation system rotated components
  • Marksman Screen Printer SMT Tooling robotic automation system frame placement configuration
  • Marksman Screen Printer SMT Tooling robotic automation system printing position
Marksman Solder Paste Printer

Marksman Screen Printer

Available in early 2022

  • Integrated Vision & Alignment system
  • Integrated digital control with data collection
  • Pre-configured to accept Matrix
  • Class Leading Workspace (Frame & PCB)

Learn More

Marksman Screen Printer Data Sheet (PDF)

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