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SMT Tooling Partners with The JW Corporation in Canada

Duryea, PA ― February 2023 ― SMT Tooling, a division of PSA Systems, today announced that it has partnered with The JW Corporation at its newest manufacturers’ representative. Under the agreement, Jason Wahba will represent SMT Tooling’s Matrix™ Automatic SMT Support Tooling throughout Canada.

Department of Defense mortar test

Department of Defense

PSA specializes in designing, prototyping and manufacturing products for the defense industry through a variety of DOD and DOTC programs. PSA, together with D. Gillette Industrial Services, have formed an 8a Joint-Venture GPSA.

GPSA is an SBA approved, 8(a) & Women Owned Joint Venture. With over 30 years of experience, we provide a wide range of capabilities, backed by excellent past performance, for the DOD and other government agencies. GPSA is honored to assist the needs of the Warfighter while creating value for the Taxpayer.

DOD Services

Prototyping Services

  • Custom Department of Defense UAV drone
  • Custom Department of Defense UAV drone type 2

PSA designs custom UAVs for military applications, from complex airframes for specialized applications to G hardened autopilot printed circuit boards.

A UAV was designed to have folding arms to fit inside a tube and have the ability to lift 1lb payloads. Another UAV was designed for G hardened environments and to fit inside a 120mm mortar.

  • Department of Defense mortar shell
  • Department of Defense mortar design

PSA engineers, designs and builds prototype mortar systems and artillery projectiles though a variety of DOD and DOTC programs.

Focus Areas:

  • Small Caliber Systems
  • 40mm Low Velocity Munitions
  • Miniaturized UAS Platforms
  • Mortar Systems
  • Artillery Projectiles
  • Vention Dorner cell robotic automation animation

Automation Solutions

PSA has the capability to robotically automate a variety of applications from general material handling, machine tending, welding and packaging systems. We work closely with ABB Robotics, Kawasaki, Yaskawa/Motoman, and UR Robotics to deliver standard or fully customized solutions to fit our customer’s overall automation goals.

  • HAAS VOP-D gear drive fabricator

Machining & Fabrication

PSA is a full-service machine shop including engineering, design & fabrication, and processing. We provide complete machining services for all alloys, including exotic materials like Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide.

PSA also offers Prototyping and Large Lot CNC Machining, Waterjet Cutting, GMAW & GTAW services. Other capabilities include additive manufacturing of materials, such as PEEK, PEI, PLA, ABS, and more, up to an 18" x 18" x 24" build volume.

Core Values


We have the courage to speak the truth. We follow our values and promote honest and ethical conduct in execution of our services and in every aspect of our business. We keep commitments. We accept responsibility for our decisions and the resulting consequences. We will always do whatever is needed to ensure our clients have 100% satisfaction in our work.

Supporting the Warfighter

There will be no shortcuts as we are committed to providing the highest quality parts on time in support of our warfighters and the mission. It's a small thing to do as it relates to the dedication, commitment and sacrifice they make in support of this great country. We stand committed to offer the best total value to our clients and ultimately the US taxpayer.

Attention to Detail

We execute our mission with skill, a sense of urgency, and in accord with applicable professional and technical standards. We regularly seek to improve our organization, our competencies, and our work. We always go the extra mile to exceed the standards our customers expect and that we expect of ourselves.


We will always be responsive to our clients’ needs, concerns and evaluations. We will always respond to our clients in a timely matter and provide them with the highest quality solution to their problems.

Additional Information

8(a) Joint Venture

PSA and D. Gillette Industrial Services (DGI) have entered a Joint Venture to provide goods and services to the US Federal Government. This JV utilizes the 8(a) and Women-Owned status of DGI, who manages the programs, with PSA as a subcontractor, assisting on design, engineering, machining and fabrication requirements.

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Security Clearances & Certifications

  • Facility Clearance (FCL) - Confidential
  • ITAR
  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)
  • ISO 9001 Compliant

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