PSA offers 30+ years of robotic expertise serving the paper, tissue, converting, food and consumer products
industries. PSA’s robotic Palletizers and Destackers are engineered around a multi-axis robot using custom end
of arm tooling to stack or destack virtually any product. PSA can also provide both dual and single arm
collaborative robotic solutions for pick and place, material handling and low payload packaging applications. PSA
can also offer custom solutions for Pick & Place, Machine Tending and Material Handling for a large variety of



PSA’s robotic palletizer systems are engineered around a multi-axis robot using custom end-effectors to stack virtually any product with the capability option to simultaneously stack multiple pallets.

As a turn-key integrator, we are able to take basic information about the product and the desired stacking rate, and create a palletizer that works seamlessly with your existing manufacturing line. In addition, PSA can custom design and build the EOAT tooling required to meet your specialized palletizing application.

Pick & Place

Robotic Pick and Place Systems work at a high speed to transport product from one location to another. As a robotics and systems integrator, PSA utilizes the latest vision technology and customized end effectors to effectively handle even the most challenging products and feed rates.

We have used precision custom end effectors on some of our smaller robots to pick and place core plugs, tubes of makeup, and cutting applications.  Our most robust EOAT’s are able to lift and move 50lb boxes and bags of product.  Our intermediate pick & place robots are able to grab egg cartons off of a conveyor, place mobile devices into boxes, and take battery packs off of a shelf.  We’ve also designed end effectors that perform a combination of functions, such as a single tool which is capable of placing a pallet, stacking 50lb product, and adding slip sheets in between the layers. 

Pick and Place
UR Machining

Machine Tending

PSA’s robot solutions and services help manufacturers improve productivity, product quality and worker safety. Our long experience in machine tending applications, partnered with ABB’s FlexLoader technology provides a faster return on investment and greater flexibility for our customers. PSA’s machine tending solution provides a standardized and flexible cell for increased machine tool utilization.

  • Simple to use with Plug and Play functionality
  • Intuitive part programming
  • Built-in ABB FlexLoader Vision System
  • Easy access to machining area for tool exchange, maintenance, robot teaching
  • Efficient to commission, operate, maintain and service
  • Standard and Custom end effector tooling options available

PSA also partners with Universal Robot to offer fast and flexible deployment of collaborative machine tending solutions. These systems can quickly adapt to a variety of production lines; as well as new products. Improve speed and process quality while reducing the risk of injury associated with working in close proximity to heavy industrial robots with a collaborative machine tending solution from PSA.

Material Handling

PSA routinely designs and builds material handling equipment and automated machines. Whether you need to lift a 6,000 lb roll of plastic or place a silicon wafer on a tray, we have the industry knowledge and technical expertise to get it done right the first time. PSA has experience with overhead gantry systems, cranes and other material handling projects such as pick and place, machine tending and stacking. PSA has handled everything from vials to bags to magnets and artillery shells and will design a solution to effectively and accurately handle your product.

Material Handling
Bottle Handling/Packaging

Bottle Handling/Packing

PSA has designed various automated systems to handle diverting, packaging and palletizing of bottles for both the food and pharmaceutical industries. PSA can provide clean room stainless conveyor systems coupled with robotic packaging solutions to handle even the toughest bottling application.  PSA has experience picking up to 30 bottles at a time from a bottle accumulator and also palletizing bottles in cardboard containers. PSA’s custom designed hot fill machines handle hot filling multiple bottles at one time with product.

Custom End-Effectors

Good robots have steady hands. We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of custom end effectors—the “hands” of a robot.  From simple tooling to complex configurations, PSA’s end effectors can safely and efficiently handle any type of load.

Our end of arm tooling (EOAT) makes use of clamping, vacuum and magnetic technologies to manipulate loads in a variety of ways. And just like our other products, our end-effectors are designed with reliability and serviceability in mind. We have experience with an array of grippers to safely pick and move your product.  We’ve used mechanical hooks to grab pallets, different sizes and layouts of suction cups to pick up boxes, bladder type grippers to grab bottle heads and even a foam or silicone seal to lift 50lb plastic and paper bags.  Our EOAT can also be equipped with a vision system and sensors to ensure that it meets the needs of your application. 

End Effector Suction Cups
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