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Bed Bug Oven

Production Systems Automation manufactures an industrial Bed Bug Oven designed for use in hotels, hospitals, schools, and other institutions that may be prone to bed bug infestation.  This Bed Bug Oven is capable

Bed Bug Oven
Hot Fills Machine

Hot Fills Machine

PSA proudly offers a Heat Set testing Hot Water Bottle Fill Machine for the PET industry.  Empty bottles are placed on self-centering bottle holders with stabilizing rings that center the bottles under the

Foam Mixer Station

The PSA furnished Foam Mixer Station is a fabricated machine assembly based on an existing design originally built by our client.  PSA’s enhanced design allowed for a controlled and measurable mixing of foam

Foam Mixer Station
Bottling Palletizing

Bottling Palletizing

PSA has created a fully automated case packing and palletizing system designed to process difficult-to-handle dairy bottles at a rate of over 100,000 bottles per 8 hour shift. This success utilized 2 new

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1 Crozerville Rd, Aston, PA 19014
(610) 358-0500


201 Clark Rd, Duryea, PA 18642
(570) 602-4200